Fist of Fusion

Say aloha to Fist of Fusion, a Hawaiian and Filipino fusion concept that stole the hearts of Angeleno’s when they began as a food truck. Specializing in made-to-order rice bowls, burritos, tacos and salads, filled with a choice of beef short ribs, garlic shrimp, sesame chicken, kalua pork sisig or honey sesame tofu, guests can customize each dish to their liking with made-from-scratch toppings and sauces.
Level 3 • (323) 378-5536
Hawaiian Filipino Island Style

The Deck

Name/Phone Type Location
JINYA Ramen Express
(323) 391-1916
Customizable ramen with freshly prepared soup, noodles and toppings Level 3
(323) 645-7730
Sushi Level 3
(323) 745-0593
Belgian waffles Level 3
(323) 745-0207
Level 3
JINYA Ramen Express
At JINYA Ramen Bar, the relationship between broth and noodles is serious but delicious business. From the water used to prepare their broths, which is 99.9% free from impurities, to the special aging process the noodles undergo before they’re cooked and served, they pay meticulous attention to everything that goes in your bowl. You’ll quickly see (and taste!) why at JINYA they live by the motto, “No ramen, no life.”
Level 3 • (323) 391-1916
Customizable ramen with freshly prepared soup, noodles and toppings
PokiNometry has pioneered and innovated the way Poki is served today. Using only freshly prepared ingredients, you can customize your bowl any way you want it, choosing from seven base choices, eight fresh types of fish, and more than 15 crunch, savory and sweet toppings. Your bowl will come out as unique as you are.
Level 3 • (323) 645-7730
Born in Belgium but built in LA, Waffflejack is unlike other waffles. Made with dough instead of batter, and always made fresh to order, the base of your waffle is just the beginning. Perfect plain or towering with toppings, you can customize your flavor combinations and #BeAWaffleJack or choose from their top picks.
Level 3 • (323) 745-0593
Belgian waffles
Whealthy, where technology, fast food and healthy eating collide. DIY dining at its best, guests hand select their choice of quality, fresh ingredients to go along with either a rice or noodle base before the Whealthy team works their magic. Ready in three minutes, you’ll be quickly on your way to a tastier and healthier meal.
Level 3 • (323) 745-0207