Hollywood. To some it’s a world of dreams and make-believe. To others, a constant tide of tourists and traffic. If you live here, the word might conjure drunken nights and dance club debauchery. If you don’t, you might think of red carpets and movie stars. Sexy shops, popular chain stores, bars and boites, and so much more, Hollywood is an ever-beckoning hub of activity that’s easily glamorized, but not easily codified.
The streets of New York often get cited as being on the pulse of what is chic and edgy, but Los Angeles, particularly in and around Hollywood, is just as trend-setting, and much more vibrant. From the vintage threads and indie looks in East Hollywood and Silver Lake to the lust-worthy labels and designer duds in the Westside, the constant flurry of people and ideas, great weather, and yes, looks-consciousness, inspires eclectic expression and bold fashion like no where else in the world.

Hollywood Style Scene brings you the creative looks, exciting places and just cool stuff from the above neighborhoods and beyond every week. We bring you on-the-street fashion, behind the velvet ropes nightlife, designer news and reviews, shopping, dining and drinking guides that not only represent the culture here and but go beyond the stereotypes about just what the “Hollywood lifestyle” is.

As a born and raised Angeleno who, like many, grew up marveling at the stars on the Walk of Fame, and later, got a palm tree-framed, picture-perfect view of the famous Hollywood sign every time I drove up to my apartment (my first place outside of the family home was on Beachwood Drive in the Hollywood Hills), I understand the allure of “Tinseltown.” But it is this blog’s aim to dig a little deeper and show you who and what makes the tinsel shine in the first place, and even more fascinating (and fun!), what’s underneath.

Lina Lecaro (HSS Editor)

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